MEAT IS made up of two main organs, namely the General Assembly and the Executive Bureau. However, adhoc committees can be created to handle particular projects or situations as need be. In such situations, appointments to such committees either by the General Assembly or the Executive Bureau shall be based on special knowledge of the issues concerned.

          The General Assembly shall consist of all registered members of the group. It is the supreme decision making organ and shall meet once every three months in ordinary session, but can meet within meeting, can also be convened as a result to a written petition signed by at least one quarter on the registered members are present and decisions taken by a simple majority of votes cast. An annual general meeting in the from of a general meeting shall be held each year for the purpose of stock taking and planning not more than three months following the close of the financial year.

          The executive bureau shall comprise three members elected by the General Assembly for a three year turn of office renewable once. However, they shall be re-eligible only after three years if they serve a consecutive term. It comprises:
-         A delegate.
-         Secretary
-         Treasurer
They shall meet once and their decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of votes cast. They
are responsible for the day to day functioning of the group and shall implement the decisions of the general assembly. In this wish, they shall initiate short and long term activities, investment, marketing, budgets and other plans which must be approved by the General Assembly before implementation. They shall propose to the general assembly for approval, the annual distribution surpluses. Their functions are voluntary but the group shall reimburse all cost incurred in the course of their work. They may also benefit from incentives from the surplus of the year as the general assembly deems necessary.

- shall represent the group in all occasions.
- shall convene and preside over all general and executive meetings.
- shall be a signatory to the group’s account; sign all correspondences and all the other financial documents.
- take all measures necessary to protect the group’   

- Shall record minutes of the general and executive bureau meetings.
- shall in collaboration with the delegate prepare the agenda of each meeting.
- shall be the custodian of the group’s documents.
- shall keep and update the membership register and conduct roll call at each meeting.
- shall prepare correspondences for the Delegate’s signature.

- shall keep all group’s property as well as all records of income and expenditure.
- shall prepare and present quarterly financial reports to the executive bureau and general assembly.
- shall be a signatory to the group’s account.

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